Multicopters here I come

I recently got interested in multicopters, and decided I would build one… This page will contain information and other stuffz from my multicopter adventure 🙂

First build:

As I have absolutely no idea of how to build a multicopter or what parts is needed, I did some research first.

I started asking my friends and colleges about RC multicopters – and quickly found out that I need several important parts, and that they needed to fit together. But first I had to decide what type of multicopter I wanted to build. The decision landed on a medium sized quadcopter. I didn’t want one of those micro quadcopters you might buy in toy stores or from DealExtreme, I wanted to have a larges one which I can fit a camera gimbal on. The decision landed on this frame from HobbyKing. I also bought a few additional essentials which I figured I needed to get the project going.

Here’s a list of parts I bought:

You’ll notice I didn’t order a flight controller. As I already had a Arduino UNO laying around, I thought I’d use it for controlling the copter. After a bit of research, I decided I’d use the AeroQuad software written for the Arduino.